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Are you on the quest for fulfilling and rewarding marketing and sales careers in the heart of Illinois? At New Directions Marketing, we don't just offer jobs; we present you with new solutions to ignite your journey in the dynamic world of Marketing Job Illinois and Sales Job Illinois. Our commitment to your growth and success sets us apart. With a wide array of opportunities that range from Entry Level Marketing Jobs in Illinois to Entry Level Sales Jobs in Illinois, we provide you the perfect launchpad to turn your aspirations into achievements.

Illinois, known for its bustling business landscape and vibrant communities, offers the ideal backdrop for your Marketing Career Illinois and Sales Career Illinois. It's in this thriving environment that New Directions Marketing has established itself as a premier destination for those seeking professional fulfillment and personal growth.

Our philosophy is simple but profound - we prioritize people above all else. We believe that the core of any successful business is its workforce, and we pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive, collaborative, and nurturing culture where your talents are recognized and your ambitions are celebrated.

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New Directions Marketing provides a unique opportunity for ambitious new talents to contribute their skill set and expand upon our team's forward-thinking approach. Our marketing professionals are committed to excellence in everything we do - from the projects designed, businesses served, and culture fostered. We welcome driven individuals who strive for success just as much as us! Join today and discover how you can grow with New Directions Marketing while impacting the industry.

Some of the perks of working with us:


    Our marketing associates are offered a unique opportunity to jumpstart their careers; we provide hands-on training, coaching and education from experienced professionals.

    Our team members will pick up the essential skills needed to thrive in sales - learn all about working with target audiences and effective management tactics for career success. Invest in your future today by joining us!

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    At New Directions Marketing, finding successful solutions lies in effective communication.

    To cultivate deeper connections between colleagues and create a stronger team bond, we organize festive dinners and weekly team nights - all of which provide the perfect setting for individuals to be themselves outside work and build relationships with one another.

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    At this organization, we recognize that teamwork can lead to extraordinary accomplishments.

    Our culture creates a community of camaraderie where employees are committed to one another and focused on achieving the same ambition together. When any single team member is struggling, others will always be ready to support everyone to move forward collectively - ultimately allowing our business operations to run smoothly and efficiently!

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New Directions Marketing

The key to a successful face-to-face marketing campaign is factual data - ensuring that the direct promotion reaches the intended target market. We can help brands achieve this with expert data management and processing to refine their targeted mailing lists, ensuring their message arrives in the right channel; we are experts in complex requirements.

New Directions Marketing

Working with clients' exacting specifications, we conduct comprehensive research to uncover their ideal customers and blaze a trail toward getting the right message out to them. We also focus on ensuring that leads turn into conversions while providing our valued patrons stellar returns for all the campaigns they entrust us with.

New Directions Marketing

New Directions Marketing has proudly and steadfastly served various businesses, from fledgling start-ups to household names. The cornerstone of our brand is our unwavering commitment to forging lasting relationships with clients based on trust, collaboration and mutual reliance. Our twofold approach provides tailored solutions for outreach goals to create meaningful connections that transcend simple marketing efforts.

New Directions Marketing

Our cutting-edge interactive marketing strategy combines a personal touch with tailored messaging to captivate our clients. Our expertise in crafting unique, value-laden messages drives customers to take action and recognize the benefits of their chosen product - ultimately providing an unparalleled level of customer service that puts us ahead of the competition.

New Directions Marketing

We can drive sales and improve customer satisfaction by forging a strong connection with our target customers. We use their feedback to identify new ways of delivering an excellent experience for them – this has led not only to enhanced retail figures but also enabled us the opportunity for employees to advance in their careers.

New Directions Marketing

Our committed team of professionals isn't one to get distracted. Nothing matters more to us than achieving our campaign goals and ensuring that clients see enhanced outcomes from their investments in brand promotion - frequently surpassing what standard techniques can offer. Our ongoing efforts ensure sustainable growth for both the retail sector and opportunities within our organization itself!

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Entry Level Marketing professionals at New Directions Marketing play a vital role in assisting with the development and implementation of marketing strategies, content creation for diverse audiences, and contributing to the overall success of our clients.

At New Directions Marketing, we believe in promoting from within, and many of our senior team members started their careers in Entry Level Marketing Jobs in Illinois. Your potential for career growth is only limited by your dedication and performance.

As an Entry Level Sales professional, you'll be actively involved in building client relationships, developing effective sales strategies, and benefiting from the guidance of experienced mentors to help you achieve your sales goals.

We provide comprehensive mentorship, training, and a nurturing environment for your career growth. Many of our leaders began their careers in entry-level sales roles and are eager to share their wealth of knowledge with you.

New Directions Marketing offers a clear path for career progression. We believe in recognizing and rewarding talent and dedication to ensure your career reaches its highest potential.

Our culture thrives on mutual respect, collaboration, and appreciation. We believe in working together to achieve success and forming meaningful partnerships with our clients, ensuring we reach our goals collectively. Join us and elevate your Marketing and Sales career in Illinois!


I absolutely love the culture and leadership what an amazing experience something I'll take with me for a life time and big shout out to Gabriel thank you for everything you have done for me I made a lifetime friend
Preeti Chopra


So grateful for Jared and the crew's mentorship in helping me launch my own business! I loved the 1 on 1 coaching and personalized development. Love you guys!!!
Juana Padilla

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